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ISSDC17: The UK and EU teams immerse themselves in…

Brian Kong, leader of the EU team

Shopping day! Time for Team EU to experience the “mall” culture of the US of A! We thought 6 hours of shopping would be far too long, meant for someone else but not for us. But then we saw the sales, and now we’re all believers! By the end of it there was not a trace of doubt in our minds. We spent all day racing through the mall tackling as many shops as we could. From Citizen watches and Calvin Klein to Toys R Us and Disney! We bought everything… Make up, shoes, food and so much more! The food court was our meeting point and where we had lunch. There was a friendly rivalry between Chinese, Japanese and American cuisine and so there was a divide on what to eat… What’s the use in fighting? All you get is hunger pains, Chinese vs Japanese (I got chicken chow mein). Unfortunately we’ve now run out of money for food… Can we survive off Twinkies and Cheetos for the rest of the trip? I’m a believer.

ISSDC17: UK and EU teams have an amazing first…

Yes, here we are in Orlando for the International Final of 2017! The UKSDC has brought THREE teams of brilliant students this year – here was their first day out, in their own words:

Landscape of Universal Studios Island of Adventure with rollercoaster and gravity rides
Universal Studios Island of Adventure

Brian Kong, leader of EU team

Somebody once told me that Universal was one of the best theme parks you could go to and the “Science Space Club” tested this today. Everyone was up nice and early since it wasn’t a school morning and was ecstatic to go.  After a short drive we arrived at Universal Orlando and once we finally sorted out tickets dated for August we dived straight into the Islands of Adventure. Team EU decided to loop once round the park starting with a 90 minute wait for a 30 second ride… The Hulk. That was a good turnover rate!  The weather was hot and it would only get hotter so the water rides solved this for us. Harry Potter world was the team’s favourite; with so much to do, so much to see with all the shops in the backstreets. Our favourite ride was the Dragon Challenge which we went on 6 times! The Harry Potter themes really made us feel like the all-star cast of the wizarding world. You’ll never know if you don’t go.

Alex Radford, leader of UK finalist team

Members of UK Team 1, winners of the UK National Finals
Members of UK Team 1, winners of the UK National Finals

What do Spiderman, Harry Potter and Jurassic Park Dinosaurs have to do with space settlements? Not much admittedly, but spending the day at Universal Studios’s Islands of Adventure Theme Park was certainly a good way to adjust to Florida heat and get to know our team mates.

Universal’s theme park was ideal for our group — with rides for both thrill-seekers and chill-seekers, everyone could fine a ride that was too their liking. 45-minute waits were made bearable by good company, conversation, and air-conditioning.

Highlights included cooling down from the heat on log flumes, modelling the Thing 1/2 wigs in the Seuss-land shop, and continuing to wear our fashion-forward flower necklaces. Of course, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was simply magical.

The day was a fantastic start to a trip that is sure to be filled with many more exciting twists and turns as we explore Florida and begin the competition!

Tavleen Wasan, leader of UK invited team

Members of UK Team 2
Members of the UK invited team

So today was our first day in Florida. After overcoming minor issues with the Universal tickets, everyone dispersed to make the most of the day. The theme park exceeded all expectations; there were rides to suit those with all relationships with height and of all mental ages. It was a really fun day – despite 95% humidity and 35 degree heat (made just about tolerable by ingenuous water spraying fans and endless sprite top ups) we all enjoyed ourselves massively. It was a really good way to get to know each other better and also bond in a relaxed way before the heat of the competition.

Two team members, one looking into the camera wearing a baseball cap with a flower necklace around it
Headwear is important to group identity…
Leaders of UK1 and UK2 teams wearing Dr. Seuss' Cat's Hats.
…very important.

Watch this space for more adventures!

International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC)

Calling all reserves from the UK SDC Finals!

The ISSDC has extended an invitation to an extra team of eight students from the UK. We would initially like to offer places to the reserves from the winning company, Dougeldyne-Flechtel, and then to anyone else in that company. Any reserves from other teams are also welcome to apply. Due to funding constraints, these places will have to be self funded, and flights are likely to be in the region of £1,100. Additionally there will be accommodation, food and transportation to be covered.

The teams are travelling out on the 25th of July and return on the 2nd of August. 

If you think you are in a position to take up this offer, please email me.

Places are offered on a first come basis



EU Team Representatives



The representatives chosen for the EU team are as follows:


Joe Crowther    The Brooksbank School

Eleanor Collin  Darwen Aldridge Community College

Kamil Szyska   Darwen Aldridge Community College

1st Reserve      KirstyRodger            Waid Academy

2nd Reserve    Matthew Anderson   Waid Academy


Andrew Hughes  Eltham College

Parmis Fadavi Hosseini  Bede’s 

Theo Macklin     Dulwich College

1st reserve:  Kozma Prelevic   Bede’s

2nd reserve: Manoj Abhishetty  Eltham College

Spacebus Z

Annabelle York   Nonsuch High School for Girls

Aadil Kara         Queen Elizabeth’s School

Brian Kong        Queen Elizabeth’s School

1st reserve:   Puja Soneji   Hababerdasher’s Aske’s Girls  

2nd Reserve: Owen Richards  Altrincham Grammar School for Boys


Shayne Beeghadur    St Olave’s

Ashvin Arulnathan    Cardiff Sixth Form College

Sherry Deng             Cardiff Sixth Form College

1st Reserve     Farid Aletomeh    St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School

2nd Reserve    Leo Bennet     St Olave’s

We will contact your school to give details of these places, but please feel free to email and ask any questions you may have.