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EUSDC 2021 & ISSDC Qualifiers

Congratulations and well done to all participants of the first continent-wide European Space Design Competition, EUSDC 2021!

68 dedicated participants, 7 European Nations, 3 competing companies, 28 invaluable volunteers. 

The challenge presented to Kepler Automation, DaVinci Meccanica, and Earhart Advanced Industries was to design a preliminary research base to be constructed in Earth orbit before heading off to Jupiter’s moon, Europa. The purpose? To explore the potential for life.

The incredible efforts put in by all across the three companies has made judging a difficult task. Alas, one company must be selected as the champions of the competition. This year, the title of the EUSDC winning company is Kepler Automation. Well done to all 23 students for convincing the judges with your winning design proposals!

Nathan Besch 


Isabel de Avillez 


Thomas Schlesser 

Vice President — Engineering

Bernardo Rodrigues 


Mário Daniel Soares Vilas 

Vice President — Marketing & Sales

Süleyman Emre ISIK 


Guillermo Baselga Gómez

 HoD Structures

André Costa 


Mathilde  Dziechciarz  

HoD Operations

Arthur Nogueira 


Mafalda Gaspar 

HoD Human Factors

Rafael Pereira 


Ricardo Horta 

HoD Automations

Alejandro Soriano 


Marina Guerra Alonso 

Human Factors

Yannis Kühn 


Sara Evangelio Motilla 

Human Factors

Álvaro Cameo Hernanz 

Systems Engineer

Lucía Madonar 

Human Factors

Guilherme Sousa 


Joana da Conceição Ferreira Piçarra Human Factors João Lourenço 


Duarte Rito Marques 



From all participants, only 12 entrants can qualify for the World Finals this summer. From 30th July – 2nd August 2021, qualifiers from around the world will gather in person and online at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to take part at the 2021 International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC). Through a rigorous selection process, the EUSDC is proud to congratulate the following 12 students who will be representing Europe at this year’s ISSDC:

Nathan Besch

Kepler — President

Mafalda Gaspar

Kepler — HoD Human Factors

Thomas Schlesser

Kepler — VP Engineering

Mário Daniel Soares Vilas

Kepler — VP Marketing & Sales

Guillermo Baselga Gómez

Kepler — HoD Structures

Marina Guerra Alonso

Kepler — Human Factors

Isabel de Avillez

Kepler — Structures

Yannis Kühn

Kepler — Operations

Mathilde Dziechciarz

Kepler —HoD Operations

Traditionally, participants with the highest number of votes from the challenging companies join the representatives of the winning company. In recognition of their outstanding effort, the following students have been selected:

Maria João Lopes

DaVinci — HoD Human Factors

Ioana Barbu

DaVinci — HoD Structures

Leeloo Schindelhauer

Earhart — HoD Structures

The following individuals have been selected as the ISSDC 2021 reserves in the stated order:

Sara Evangelio Motilla

Kepler — Human Factors

André Mota

Earhart —HoD Operations

Felipe Abengózar

DaVinci — Structures

Once again, congratulations! Not only to the ISSDC qualifiers, but to all taking part for making this year’s edition of the EUSDC other-worldly. Special thanks to International Space University for digitally hosting, PTSpace & Ciência Viva for their outreach and enthusiasm, and to all the volunteers from across the world for supporting us.

Watch this space! Last year the SSEF was offered a few last-minute spaces to even up team sizes; we will allocate these to the reserves and those nominated for ISSDC selection.


EUSDC 2020 Qualifiers to ISSDC

EU students to the ISSDC

There will be four student spaces on the EU team that will be headed to the International SDC at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center the end of July. The team will be self funded. Announcements will be made later in the spring


EUSDC 2018 Qualifiers to ISSDC

The following have been invited to join the EU team. This is not funded by the UKSDC, and individuals will be expected to find their own sources of funding. We will happily advise on potential sources of funding if requested.

Dougeldyne (in alphabetical order)

  Georgia Aspinall – The Brooksbank School

   Corinne Barker – The Brooksbank School

   Emyr Williams – Dulwich College

Dougeldyne reserves(in order):

   Andre Nowaczek – Dulwich College

   Benjamin Miller – Dulwich College

   Emily Swift – Bournemouth School for Girls

Grumbo (in alphabetical order)

   Sherry Deng – Cardiff Sixth Form College

  Molly Fisher-Newton – Bede’s School

  Felix Larner – St Paul’s Catholic College

Grumbo reserves  (in order):

Amaan Abbas – Cardiff Sixth Form

Tim Scott-Ruit – Bede’s School

Michael Crummey – St Paul’s Catholic College

Rockdonnell (in alphabetical order)

 Bruce Lay – St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School

 William Edwards – Trinity School of John Whitgift

 Ana Vukasovic – Kingham Hill School

Rockdonnell reserves (in order):

  Anastasia Sheptitskaya – Francis Holland School

   James Reid – Trinity School of John Whitgift

  Thomas Hudson – Woodchurch High School

Vulture (in alphabetical order)

Hugo Binelli-Thomas – Ardingley College

Sophia Lee Roberts – City of London School for Girls

Annabelle York – Nonsuch High School for Girls     

Reserves (in order):

Abigail Horton – Ardingley College

Tom Hobbs –  City of London Freemen’s School

Anahita Laverack – City of London School for Girls





ISSDC 2017: The Party’s Over

Luke Tattersall, supervisor

What a crazy 48 hours.  The students from the UK and EU teams are now sleep-deprived, hungry and, let’s be honest, a little disappointed.

After two days and the best part of a night preparing their presentations, it was judgement day. The teams lined up at the KSC and presented their versions of a Venusian habitat for 10 000 people to the rest of the students. The four 35-minute presentations were all outstanding and, given that there was UK representation in 3 of the 4 teams we felt that we had a good chance of at least some of us carrying off the trophy. Alas, it was not to be as the presentation from Grumbo, the only company without UK representation, blew the rest out of the water. The science was equally good in all four presentations, but the professionalism of the Grumbo presentation impressed the judging panel enough to sway the final vote.

However, there was one award that a UK competitor did win. Alex Radford (pictured) won the prize for outstanding leadership.

Alex Radford wins the Dick Edwards Award for outstanding leadership of Rockdonnell
Alex Radford wins the Dick Edwards Award for outstanding leadership of Rockdonnell

There was a 5 hour gap between presentation and judging and the students used this time to look around the space centre – for any aspiring aerospace engineer this is Nirvana and the Saturn 5 rocket and the Space Shuttle “Atlantis” moved some of our students to tears – literally. It was a jaw-dropping experience.

The minibus ride home was slightly manic as sleep deprivation and the sight of a large alligator in the creek took its toll, but what an amazing couple of days.

 Time to go home….