Sample Documents

These are sample documents of what you will receive at your country heat:

A Press Release

This document will describe the intended location and purpose of the settlement. It will describe the general points you will be expected to fulfill with your design as well providing some 'world building' context.

A Request for Proposal or RFP

In this you will find the details of all of the requirements that your settlement must meet. Fulfilling all of these points is your objective for the duration of the competition; you will be judged on how well and how many RFP points you fulfill in your presentation.

Administration Documents

These are documents required to register for certain parts of the EUSDC. Note: this is not required for any of the 2021 competitions.

Video Competition Team Registration Spreadsheet

Please fill out this registration spreadsheet and email it to in order to enter your video into the video competition.

Information Documents

These documents may be useful to look at before your competition:

UKSDC Opening Presentation

This is a presentation often shown at the beginning of the day at UKSDC regionals. While the competition overall structure is different, most country competitions will be very simular to regionals.