Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration

Welcome to the Space Design Competitions!

Registration is via the Google Form below.

The EUSDC events are reserved for participants and volunteers in Europe.

Interested in getting involved as a volunteer? You're in the right place to find out more. We'd love to have you on board!

Important Documents

Below are documents all volunteers should be aware of.

Volunteering Roles & Responsibilities

This document provides an overview of the volunteer roles and responsibilities in an ideal SDC format. The actual format on the Competition day may deviate depending on the degree of volunteer recruitment and student participation. This is where you can learn about how you can get involved.

Informed Consent

This document outlines SSEF’s intent to be the Data Controller for the purpose of communication, to specify your rights as the Data Subject, and to make you aware of the voluntary nature of your participation. This is a mandatory document to acknowledge and consent to to register your interest as a volunteer.

Safeguarding Policy

This document will outline the responsibilities as well as preventative and responsive measures and activities that the SSEF undertakes to protect children ensuring that no child is subject to child abuse as a result of their association with us; their contact with SSEF Staff, SSEF Volunteers and SSEF Visitors and/or their participation in any SSEF activity, including our projects and programmes.

Register today!

Below is a Google Form (~3 minutes) to register your interest.