How We Think and Learn

How We Think And Learn Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination. ~John Dewey, The Quest for Certainty, 1929 Catherine Twomey Fosnot Most people assume that learning results from teachers transmitting knowledge: clearly explaining concepts, procedures to be practiced, and facts to be memorized; then testing to assess retention

The EU team and reserves

The following have been invited to join the EU team. This is not funded by the UKSDC, and individuals will be expected to find their own sources of funding. We will happily advise on potential sources of funding if requested. Dougeldyne (in alphabetical order)   Georgia Aspinall – The Brooksbank School    Corinne Barker – The Brooksbank

International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC)

Calling all reserves from the UK SDC Finals! The ISSDC has extended an invitation to an extra team of eight students from the UK. We would initially like to offer places to the reserves from the winning company, Dougeldyne-Flechtel, and then to anyone else in that company. Any reserves from other teams are also welcome