Sample Documents

Sample Documents

Below are samples of documents you will receive at any Space Design Competition (SDC).

While the competition structure varies depending on the tier (e.g. National, Regional, International), number of participants, and which country you are in, most Space Design Competitions run in a similar format.

Event Documents

Below are the two main documents of any SDC.

Press Release

This document describes the intended location and purpose of the settlement, setting the scene and providing context for the SDC. It will describe general objectives to be fulfilled within your final designs. This Press Release is provided in the week prior to the SDC.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

This document provides details of each design requirement that your settlement must meet to satisfy the client. Fulfilling each RFP point is your SDC objective; you will be judged on how many RFP points have been addressed and how well each is satisfied in the final presentation. The RFP is provided on the morning of the SDC.