Portugal Space Design Competition (PTSDC)

Portugal Space Design Competition (PTSDC)

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2024 competition Completed.

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The next PTSDC dates are yet to be confirmed.

The PTSDC is reserved for participants in Portugal, for any other country please search here.

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PTSDC Organisational Committee

Portuguese Space Agency - Portugal Space

The Portuguese Space Agency, is an organisation created by the Portuguese government to implement the National Strategy for Space (Portugal Space 2030). The Agency’s primary purpose is to promote and strengthen Space in Portugal, its ecosystem and value chain, for the benefit of society and economy in the country and worldwide. Portugal Space acts as a business and development unit for universities, research entities and companies.

Website: ptspace.pt

Contact: pedro.coimbra@ptspace.pt

CienciaViva Logo

Ciência Viva

Ciência Viva is the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture, which seeks to bring Portuguese society closer to Science and to scientists. This is done through initiatives to promote the experimental teaching of science in schools, national scientific dissemination campaigns, and a National Network of Ciência Viva Centres, interactive science and technology museums.

Website: cienciaviva.pt/home

Contact: amachado@cienciaviva.pt


a) All participants must be between the ages of 15 to 18. All team members must be 18 or under for the international finals at NASA.

b) Participants can register as individuals or as teams of 4 to 12, using the Google Form below. You are welcome to participate in multiple competitions.

c) The competition will demand from you skills and knowledge not typically found in school events. Here, judges will give equal value to:

(i)     Scientific accuracy
(ii)    Imagination and creativity
(iii)  Communication and enthusiasm
(iv)   Effectiveness at meeting the Request for Proposal (RFP). Entrants are expected to make reasonable assumptions about aspects not covered by the RFP.

Good Luck!

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2024 competition completed.

Please register for 2025 below.