Country Heats

Country Heats

Due to the arrival of the novel coronavirus the spring and summer 2020 country heats  below were cancelled. The UK SDC at Imperial did go on and well attended with only a few schools having to drop out. Competitions in Europe have been replaced this summer with a program designed to allow students to still participate, and have the chance to attended either the virtual Global Space Design Challenge July 17-19 or the virtual International Space Settlement Design Competition Kennedy Space Center July 24 – 26. Please register here.





Spain (Spring 2021 tbc)
Colegio Joyfe, Madrid
Calle de Vital Aza, 65, 28017 Madrid, Spain

Malta March 21
American University of Malta

Triq Dom Mintoff, Bormla BML 1013

France April 24
International Space University
South Strasbourg
1 Rue Jean-Dominique Cassini, 67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France

Announced fall 2020 for spring 2021

Germany (TBC)
Berlin Metropolitan School
Linienstraße 122, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Announced fall 2020 Lisbon spring 2021

Romania (TBC)

United Kingdom please visit

Registration for country heats coming soon


  • Teams can be made up of 4 to 12 students.
  • Students must be between 14 years old and their last year at school (normally 18 years old) for the International finals in July/August.
  • All teams need to be accompanied by a teacher or adult. Direct contact information for the responsible adult must be supplied at registration. Registration for the competition indicates permission has been granted by the parent or guardian of each participant.
  • Students should bring a laptop/tablet with them if at all possible.  Please be aware that we aim to secure computer access for all companies at each competition venue, however this is not always possible.
  • Schools may register for more than one competition heat at a time.  However, schools must indicate which venue is their preferred event.  For their second choice event, the school will be placed on a ‘reserve’ list.
  • All team members must be specified in the initial application.  A team will only be considered non-affiliated if 50 percent or less of its members are from one school.
  • Teams who are not successful in the regional competitions are permitted to place a second entry to EUSDC via the video competition.
  • There is no limit to the number of video entries that one school can enter.
  • Some of our country competitions are heavily oversubscribed every year.  At these heats, the EUSDC Board may deem it necessary to combine teams to form larger companies of up to 24 students, or larger.
  •  At country competitions with combined teams, only 12 students from the winning company will be invited to take part in the Europe finals.
  • To recognise the outreach efforts of teams comprised of more than one school, such as science clubs, all members of the non-affiliated team will be invited to take part at the UK finals if they are successful in a regional competition or the video competition. This will be the case even if the non-affiliated team has students from a school, which is affiliated separately as a single-school team. However, a school may only enter one full team and one half team (as part of a non-affiliated club).
  • The EUSDC Board reserves the right to make final decisions.The aim of the Space Settlement Design Competition is to increase engagement in science and engineering for as many students as possible.